Social Services

The Life Enrichment Center at Oyster Bay employs a Licensed Social Worker (LMSW) to assist our members with their entitlements, benefits and other issues as they arise. She offers extensive social service assistance to low and moderate income residents who come to the Center directly or who are referred by other agencies. Her knowledge and expertise in handling complex issues includes:

Geriatric needs assessment in the home, at the Center or on the telephone
Benefit and entitlement screenings:
– Medicare and supplements
– Medicaid
– Veterans benefits
– SNAP/Food Stamps
– Enhanced Star Exemptions
… as well as a myriad of other assistance

Comprehensive information, support and guidance for seniors and their families
Services for homebound seniors: telephone assurance, home visits, library book delivery, etc.
Veterans, Caregivers and Weekly Senior Chat Group Discussions
Bi-monthly Social Services Updates
Senior Advocacy
Visitor programs for seniors in skilled nursing and residential-care facilities
A direct connection to government and other senior service agencies
Representation in a County-wide plan to ensure assistance for seniors during weather-related emergencies

To schedule an appointment with our Social Worker, please call 516 922-1770, ext. 305.